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Finaltis offers funds built on three sources of added value:

• Manager talent
• Investment themes
• Risk Premiums

By choosing Finaltis, you entrust your investments in managers whose know-how, experience and talent have been proved; Finaltis selects for you the best suited talent to match your expectations, whether they be Finaltis ' internal talent pool, or from other companies which Finaltis selects independently.

By choosing Finaltis, your investments benefit from the sweeping changes in the world today, medium and long term growth factors; Finaltis places the profound changes in our society at the heart of its management, by selecting the themes which are, for example, the digitalisation of the economy, the ageing of the population, the westernisation of life styles, environmentally related growth...

By choosing Finaltis, you benefit from a professional and secure investment framework; Finaltis relies on risk and investment models borne out of the most recent academic and applied research. As such, Finaltis invests in what financial researchers call long term risk premiums, that's to say assets which have certain characteristics (value, low volatility, size...) and offering a long-term, consistent and widely observed risk-adjusted outperformance compared to other assets.

By selecting and combining for you proved talent, investment themes and risk premiums, Finaltis offers you the best of human talent and machine based models in your investments.

Finaltis, About Us

Our Commitment


Finaltis is owned by its managers and is exclusively an asset management firm.


Finaltis is commited to transparency throughout the whole process of the investment.


Finaltis operates in a secure and controlled environment and is engaged in a strict risk management..

Finaltis is a signatory of the PRI - Principles for Responsible Investment – and becomes a member of a +2,000 organisation strong worldwide charter.

Finaltis, About Us

Our Team

Denis Beaudoin
Christophe Olivier
Thierry Rigoulet
Partner, Development
Nicolas Renaud
Risk Control
Rémy Croisille
Senior Fund Manager
Bruno Bernstein
Senior Fund Manager
Benoît Flamant
Head of Digital Equity Investments
Julien Quistrebert
Head of Partnerships

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Michèle Mauran
Company Secretary
Teddy Straw
Chief Mascot

Finaltis, About Us

Legal Information

Public limited company under the French Law (Société par Actions Simplifiée), registered in Paris (France) under n° B.438.026.098 with a total shareholder equity (Capital Social) of EUR 2,210,094.35.

Finaltis is an Asset Management Company regulated in France by the Authorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) under n° GP-03000025 .

Head Office

63, avenue des Champs-Élysées
75 008 Paris


Tél: +33 1 55 27 27 00